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Profile of Kjell A. Nordstrom

Kjell Anders Nordstrom is a Swedish economist and public speaker. As well as being famed for his informative and thought-provoking keynotes speeches, he has also gained a following in the business due to his published works.

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Nordstrom’s works have been translated for use all over the work, and his unique outlook of the business world continues to inspire the way businesses operate to this very day.

His immersive talks have also seen Nordstrom hold interviews with several media outlets, as well as giving his opinion on other trends within the world of business.

Nordstrom believes that eradicate poverty, people must determine what a good life is. Despite technology offering several benefits, it does not offer ideology or values.

He has also noted that many entrepreneurs look for success within the online realms, where social media and e-commerce reign, but it could be that businesses that are considered “boring” could be more the more viable option.

The unique and refreshing take on the world of business offered by Nordstrom has attracted the global elite while earning him time the title of a rock star speaker, due to his compelling and dynamic delivery.

Nordstrom’s Early Years

Nordstrom was born in the southern district of Stockholm on 26 February 1958 where he remained until the early 1960s when his parents moved back to Sweden.

Nordstrom then learned to become an engineer, before gaining a PhD at the Stockholm School of Economics back in 1991.

He then became of Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Business (IIB) at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Before long, Nordstrom found much of his focus was towards globalisation, strategic management and multinational corporations and it wasn’t long before he became an adviser and consultant to a slew of multinational companies, as well as the government of the United Kingdom.

Kjell A. Nordstrom: Keynote Speaker

As well as helping businesses manage their time in the right way, Nordstrom has also given keynote speeches in over 100 countries, while also ranking at number 23 in The Global Gurus Top 30 Management.

His talks often take a dynamic approach as states that time is unique, as we are only starting what could be one of the fastest business models transformations since the 1850s.

Those who have not had the pleasure of seening Nordstrom in action may assume it’s only the information on offer that makes him so appealing to the masses, but his alluring demeanour can also be attributed.  

Nordstrom is passionate in his speeches, regardless of whether he’s attending a small workshop, or fronting a business presentation to a large corporation.

This not only allows businesses and professionals to think outside the box but also encourage them that their business doesn’t have to stand still.

Another segment of Nordstrom’s talks is his outlook on the failures of businesses. Although success if often celebration, the concept of failure is normally frowned upon.

However, Nordstrom believes that this should be treated as an experience and be used in a positive way to move forward.

The aesthetic segment of today’s society is also touched upon, with many markets essentially offering a similar service or product.

The comparison was made to the mobile market, which has changed drastically, even during the last few years.

What was once a market full of individuality and choice has become an overall template for all phones, rectangles with buttons.

The same comparison is made with the automotive industry, in that it’s the interior that matters more.

An example was the simple car key, which essential could become of the most personalised object we own.

Nordstrom also theorises that liquid fear, a fear that’s difficult to determine is caused by technology in the same way as the Donald Trump Presidency phenomenon, in that he is the side-effect of years of intensive globalisation.

Authorship of Kjell A.Nordstrom

Given the animated and passionate talks that so many enjoy, it should come as no surprise that when Nordstrom released his written work, it was again embraced by the masses.

“Funky Business” was first published back in 2008 as a way of getting businesses to change the way they think.

Although released before the boom, it’s values and approaches hold up well and opens up several avenues for businesses looking to stay inspired in the current market.

The book was written alongside Jonas Rodderstrale, one of the world’s most prominent management gurus and speakers.

The book was translated into over 33 languages and became an international bestseller. Management General and Amazon both listed the work as the 5th best business book of all time.

A further survey listed the book as the 16th business book of all time.

The book was followed up in 2007 with “Funky Business Forever: How to Enjoy Capitalism” once again soared to popularity as the book taught professional and businesses to change the way they think in order to safeguard their future.

Nordstrom and Rodderstrale inject humour into what can be described as a business manifesto for the future.

The two would work together again on the 2005 book “Karaoke Capitalism: Managing for Mankind.” This release offered insight into the new economies and social outlook, as well as the evolvement of technology.

It also outlines how important individuality is in modern business, rather than riding to coat-tails of successors.

The books of Kjell A.Nordstrom remain popular today, with those searching for a fresh take on the world of business embracing the advice that Nordstrom has to offer.

Interviews with K.Jell a Nordstrom

Seeing how Nordstrom has become an important figure in the business world, it should come as no surprise that media outlets were keen to find out more about this inspirational speaker.

A recent interview with Business Insider Nordic carried out in 2017 discussed Nordstrom’s current outlook on the world of business.

He states that although we are a society that’s becoming used to technology being at the forefront of its options, Nordstrom still believes that thinking outside the box will deliver a slew of benefits.

Comparisons were made to the music industry, which used to rely on record sales for much of its income. Nowadays, it’s more common for the artist and the label to arrange tours as opposed to selling media online.

Nordstrom goes on to say that future entrepreneurs may find more benefit in dealing with non-digital businesses, as opposed to an online business.

MediaMax Interview

When promoting his insight session “Business in F.A.A.N.G Style,” Nordstrom answered some questions for Kenyan news platform, MediaMax in 2018.

The F.A.A.N.G abbreviation stands for ‘Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google’ that are cited to have the most successful business models of our time, meaning that modern businesses looking for the same success should follow the business logic of the aforementioned.

Nordstrom also discussed his views on artificial intelligence, noting that today’s interaction could potentially replace jobs, but on the other hand serve third-world countries where manpower is low.

Interview with RT

Another interview in 2019 was held with RT where he spoke and how technology cannot be stopped. He explains that as technology normally derived from human curiosity, so as long as that human trait exists, there will be little sign of technology slowing down.

Nordstrom also spoke about monopolisation and although present in today’s modern world, it’s nothing new to the world of business.

He pointed out that other sectors have seen moments of monopolisation, such as the telecoms industry and the oil industry.

Nordstrom continues to delivery keynotes speeches and is still happy to discuss his current views on the world of business and technology hold, and how this fit into the world of tomorrow.

He also continues to promote the benefits of individuality in the business realm, as well as giving his views on how the populous will merge in the coming years, stating that we can expect to see cities in place of countries, shining light on the current urbanisation trends.