Hire Arie de Geus

Arie de Geus

Arie de Geus is widely recognised as the originator of many of the principles and practises underlying the “Learning Organisation” concept, and is one of the world’s most effective business strategists. He spent 38 years on three continents helping to lead Royal Dutch Shell through tumultuous times in the oil industry. After a remarkable career in scenario planning and organisational learning, Mr de Geus now helps organisations of all kinds reorganise and prepare for where their futures lead.

Today, Mr de Geus continues to work closely with Peter Senge and SoL (the Society for Organizational Learning). He is also involved with the London School of Economics, has been a Visiting Fellow at London Business School and has advised many government and private institutions. He is a founder member of SoL (the Society for Organizational Learning) and of GBN (the Global Business Network).

Mr de Geus’ extraordinary experience and his strategic thinking and research have given him a depth of content that matches his style and has made him one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. He talks authentically about what he, himself has lived through and he applies the lessons of the past to today’s business issues with relevance and verve.

A master storyteller, Mr de Geus uses business parables to give audiences messages that stay with them long after the event has finished.