Tracy Edwards

Famous for skippering the first all female crew to round the world sailing victory, Tracy Edwards became the envy of the sporting world by signing a massive deal in the Middle East to put on sports events. But the deal went sour and Tracy and her backers were left counting the cost, but she hasn’t gone down without a fight! Her new talks are every bit as exciting as the tales she tells of battles with perilous seas and building a prize winning crew. She has inspiring new messages of courage against great odds.

Tracy first won international fame in 1989 as the skipper of the first all female crew to sail around the world in the Whitbread Round the World Yacht Race. In 1990 she was awarded Sportswoman of the Year and an MBE. She was the first woman to achieve acceptance by the British yachting community and paved the way for other women, notably Dawn Riley and Ellen MacArthur to follow.

National yacht hero Tracy Edwards has always made waves as a great motivational speaker and is back in fine form. She has weathered many storms on land and sea and is revealing in public for the first time about the perils she has faced doing business in the Middle East.

Tracy has always been a colourful, entertaining and informative speaker with brilliant reviews. She is known for superb team development training and is not afraid to tell audiences about her mistakes – there is always something to learn from Tracy.